Opportunities for counsellors

“Volunteering at Counselling in the Bullring has really helped me to develop as both a therapist and a person. I love the service’s ethos and its commitment to helping all those who might benefit from therapy, regardless of their background or income.”

We are committed to providing opportunities for qualified and trainee counsellors to practice. Our diverse client group offers a wide range of presentations. We have a well-deserved reputation for placing few restrictions on who we accept as clients and unlike a lot of agencies we also work with people with mental health issues.

Benefits for volunteers

As one of our volunteer counsellors, you’ll benefit from working within a sizeable, vibrant, friendly team with support from highly qualified senior counsellors. We also provide a comprehensive programme of in-house continuous professional development  with usually one event being held every month.

All volunteer counsellors are asked to give a minimum of three hours per week for at least 12 months.

For information on the latest vacancies, contact us.

Tel: 0121 600 6025     Txt:   07520615374                 

Email: counselling@smchh.co.uk