"I am really grateful to the service for helping me come out of my past in a really positive way, I would recommend the service to anyone"

"I was feeling very depressed when I came for counselling, but with the help of a kind, caring counsellor I was able to talk about my past hurts and ongoing life stress. I was made to feel valued. My counsellor was good at listening and not judging in any way. She helped me out of a corner and find my way out of a dark place. Thank you all so much".

"You have helped me to explore why I felt lonely and depressed and given me what feels like a "gift" of awareness, I know what I must do in order to be the person I want to be"

"Counselling has helped me tell my problems from my heart. I trusted my counsellor, I could talk to her. My mind felt lighter and better when I went home."

"Through your support, I have been able to unravel the anxiety and feelings that had taken hold of me and am able to see more clearly now"

“I came to therapy because my anger was ruining my marriage. For the first time in my life I felt safe enough to talk about the trauma of my childhood and explore how this has made it difficult for me to trust anyone; even my wife. After several months of therapy my wife tells me I am like a new person; someone she feels good to be around”.