Employee Assistance Therapy

“Having to learn a new skill at work really daunted me. Stress crept up on me. When I had a panic attack, I knew things were getting out of hand. My line manager referred me for counselling. After just a few sessions I started to feel calmer – and okay about asking for extra support at work.”

Stress-related illness accounts for 40 per cent of all work-related illnesses in the UK. It is not only distressing for the individual concerned. But work-related stress can negatively affect their team members and, if unchecked, can ultimately undermine the organisation’s performance and reputation. Such stress occurs when employees are unable to cope with the work demands placed upon them. It can affect anyone at any level of the organisation.

How does therapy help?

Research shows that brief focused counselling can be an extremely effective intervention in helping your employees return to health and to work. We provide a tailored therapeutic approach within two weeks of initial contact. The employee works through their difficulties with a professional counsellor in a safe, confidential space in our city centre premises. Therapy typically takes place once a week for 50 minutes for a specified number of sessions – usually between six to ten.

Therapy can be delivered in daytime or evening appointments between Monday to Friday or, where necessary, daytime on Saturdays. Counselling via Skype is also offered.

What are the benefits for employers?

Making use of our professional therapeutic service helps you to fulfill your duty of care to your employees and to manage the impact of work-related stress on the individual, their team and the wider organisation.  As part of your organisation’s wider health, well-being and safety policies and practices, Employee Assistance Counselling can significantly reduce sick leave and absenteeism and contribute to increased motivation, improved morale and productivity.

Employee Assistance Counselling attracts tax relief which enables employers to pass on the benefits to employees in the form of free, confidential and impartial counselling services. 

Useful links

 Health and Safety Executive - http://www.hse.gov.uk/stress/